CHAIN REACTION-The Current Project
Each artist originates a piece of work. This is, through random selection, passed on to be worked upon by another artist…and so it goes in a chain reaction….

Continuing the collaboration…..

RE:Site Exhibition, Solihull 2011

The work of Alison Saint, for this exhibition, is experimental, raw and unfinished. Her ongoing passion for the format of books, words, sub-text, personal vocabularies and the collation of facts and information has been combined with particular personal memories, as she writes: ” I remember very clearly, the Bible on my Mother’s bedside table, not for its religious significance but for its physical presence; a small but weighty tome in the hand, with gold-edged paper which crackled, like dry onion skins,when turned. Most memorable though, was the feeling of surprise and delight on finding a forgotten bookmark between the pages. These precious hidden pleasures, as light as butterfly wings, were illustrations of flowers, biblical stories and decorative quotations. The process of discovery was completed when these small markers of time were returned to the book in random formation and left, quietly waiting, until the pages were turned again”.

Alison has produced a number of bookmarks which will be placed within missals used in the church. Her reverence for the collective energies and secular histories within the Church space has also manifest in a small tribute to Illuminated Manuscripts and especially to ‘The Book of Hours’ as a vehicle for portable, personal worship.

For further details see: hivecollectivedotorg

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