The BROWNFIELD PORTFOLIO is a series of original prints resulting from visual research undertaken whilst participating on the AA2A (Artists Access to Art Colleges)scheme.This took place in the Print Department of Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, 2009/2010.

The prints are mainly paper plate, dry point etchings, unless stated otherwise. All are printed on Somerset 300lb paper, cream or white, satin or textured surface.

The ‘Shed Shadow’ series are collographs using sand paper, cardboard, plastic netting and chine colle.

Paper size 7.5 x 5.5 ins / 14 x 18cms approx.

Image size 4 x 5 ins / 10 x 13 cms approx

The ‘Limed’  and ‘Down to Earth’ series  are the paper plates from which prints were taken, but, with additional workings became tactile forms in their own right.

These prints can be found in’Older posts’ at the beginning of this blog.

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