Live Brief/Project

‘Live Brief is a exciting new project initiated and supported by Aimee Green, Arts Development Officer for Solihull, West Midlands. Newly formed in 2009, its members responded to an open brief that allowed them to build a program that would meet their professional and creative development needs.

Live Brief is the collective mind of artists: Emily Warner, Alison Saint, Keeley Lowe, Claire Hickey and Eva Bennett.

‘As a collective we seek to develop and explore alternative ‘live’ art projects in the community, delivered through a range of participatory methods. We are committed to encourage an open dialogue with the public, one that fosters new ways of thinking about art and one that inspires the production of new work in response to those interactions. As a group we aim to bring new work to new audiences.’

For further details see: hivecollectivedotorg or Live/Brief/Project/Project blogs/Artists talking/a-n

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