This blog is a sketchbook of random and related images which trigger off ideas and investigations.The transient impermanence of life’s experiences is a creative starting point for this journey of discovery, and the works may take different forms but the intention to communicate the ephemeral, hopefully, will resonate and remain with the viewer.
If this is so, it is because I am looking for a common denominator in the ‘human condition’; a shared experience, a private moment.

The essence of my creative work is inspired by time, place, the multi-layering of remembrance and our connections with, and perception of nature.This may appear through the manipulation of used materials, every day objects, or the use of text or words which provoke reaction or motivate memory.


Alison has worked for twenty-five years in the Arts, Education and Health sectors as an Artist, Creative practitioner, Lecturer, Counsellor and Evaluator.

She has worked in schools, colleges and Universities as well as day centres and workshop situations in communities. As an Evaluator, Alison has been employed by small Arts Organisations such as DASH and Arty Party, and also facilitated a number of workshops within Disability Arts.

Her artistic practise embraces mediums as diverse as printmaking, installation, interventions and horticulture.
These in turn inform investigations into how people inhabit and use space and energies, both internally and externally; the power of language and memory, and the cultivation of herbs.

All photographs are copyright of Alison Saint. 2011, 2012

2 thoughts on “About..

  1. a great pursuit – I’m there. shared experience, private moment. the impermanence of life and things. love your little mice – very touching to the child inside.

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